Published stories


After her two daughters start attending school, Tracy starts feeling out of sorts. She can go back to work now and help paying off the family’s debt. So everything should be fine. But it isn’t. Now she feels a like a stranger at home. And when on Tuesdays she gets back home late she starts feeling followed by a man. A stalker?
Instead of telling her husband about it, she decides to get a gun and confront the man.
hat could go wrong? Plenty, as it turns out. 


A young girl, Aimee, finds herself coming out of rehab and with a 3-month-old baby. What can she do? Well, she could team up with her old friend Stan and seek some help from his folks, only Stan and his father are not in speaking terms. So they’ll have to come up with a way to persuade them to offer help. Honesty need not apply.
Morgan, Stan’s father, and notable philanderer, starts experiencing health problems that he fears will mean he’ll have to change his ways. Sex drive need not wane.
A common link to all of them is Gary, owner of The Garden, a local gentleman’s club. A link that, in different ways, will prove fatal for all involved. Death need not wait.





Curtis feels trapped in a dull and, for quite a while now, loveless marriage. When he runs into his lovely neighbor, Margot, he starts dreaming of a new life not controlled by his overbearing wife. But is it even possible, feasible? Can there be a way out? 
But everything is not what it looks like, and his curiosity about Margot will get him into more trouble than he bargained for and into a new sort of entrapment, with retribution and murder in its midst.